Bailey Kirkbride Counselling Counsellors for Brighton, Hove and Shoreham

Counselling in Brighton, Hove and Shoreham by Sea: Why Counselling?

There are many different reasons and times in our lives when we might think about coming for counselling. Sometimes life can take a turn which is unexpected and which we requires time and space to process and sometimes we have much longer term issues which we feel ready to address.

Counselling involves meeting a qualified therapist, usually once a week, in a quiet room and, together, exploring your issues and difficulties. Your counselling is confidential which means you can rest assured that what you discuss with your counsellor will not be discussed elsewhere.

Together you can look at the issues you are experiencing and find new ways of understanding and managing them.

This can be done over a long period of time or in a few brief sessions, depending on what you and your counsellor decide is appropriate for you.

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