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Counselling in Brighton and Hove and Shoreham by Sea: Children and families

Counselling for your child

Bringing your child for counselling can be a difficult decision. We have a great deal of experience in offering therapy to children of all ages in both private practice and educational settings and offer a unique and expert service for you and your child.

During your initial telephone consultation with your counsellor you can discuss your concerns regarding your child, any relevant family background and arrange an assessment session.

Once counselling is underway your counsellor may meet with you again to review the work and look for ways of moving forward for you and your child.

Our training and experience enable us to listen and help your child find ways to communicate their feelings and thoughts in the safety of the therapeutic relationship.

Counselling for young people

We have a great deal of experience of working therapeutically with those aged

16-25 years both in educational settings and privately.

Depending on how you are feeling, you may want your parent to make initial contact with us and even accompany you for your first session.

Coming for counselling can be especially nerve wracking when you are dealing with the pressures of education or worries about yourself and how you fit into the world around you.

We hope to provide a therapeutic space where you feel able to explore your difficulties and find new ways of learning to cope with life, allowing you to enjoy the experience of being a young person.


Parenting can be a challenge at times. We offer counselling sessions to parents who would like support with any issues they are facing in the family. Counselling can be useful in helping to strengthen the family unit. This can be tailored to suit the needs of individual families and may also be useful for those who are going through separation and divorce, or forming new step-families.


Often the difficulties and challenges faced by an individual are best viewed within the context of a family system.

Family therapy offers you the opportunity to be seen for counselling with other members of the family so that issues can be worked on in a wider context.

Family therapy uses a variety of tools and techniques to look at patterns within the dynamics of your family and helps to address dysfunctional communications and ways of being together which can cause a great deal of distress both to individuals and to the unit as a whole.

Family therapy will begin with an assessment with some or all of the family members taking part before the therapeutic intervention is decided upon.

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